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How Hiring a Pro Stager Helped Me

In preparation for a move to East Hampton, NY, I put my house on the market. Since East Hampton homes are expensive, I was desperate to sell immediately to avoid losing money. After showing the home numerous times, there was not one single offer. When I overcame the initial stage of panic, I searched for a new approach. A price reduction seemed like the only viable solution after the home sat idle for four months on the market. My realtor, instead, encouraged me to consider a home stager as an interim step to price reduction. I had never heard of the concept, but I was willing to try anything to accelerate the process.

Karen Frank Named to Prudential's President's Circle

KAREN FRANK NAMED TO PRUDENTIAL REAL ESTATE NETWORK’S PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE (Mt. Lebanon, PA) - Karen Frank of Prudential Preferred Realty’s Rt. 19 South office has been named to the prestigious President’s Circle for 2011 by Prudential Real Estate, a Brookfield Residential Property Services company. The award recognizes the Network’s top three percent of residential sales professionals who exemplified great sales measures in closed residential GCI, commercial GCI or closed 50 residential units for the year.

How to Sell a Home

Finding something positive to say about the housing market these days seems impossible, from February’s horrific home sales figures (new home sales fell 16.9% to the lowest level since the government started keeping records in 1963, CNN Money reported, and existing home sales fell 9.6%) to new surveys indicating that economists expect prices will continue to fall (and will, in fact, not hit bottom until next year).

How to Buy a Home

After years of gloom-and-doom news on the real estate front, things may finally be picking up — at least according to the latest home sales numbers released by the National Association of Realtors. According to NAR, sales of existing homes rose for the third consecutive month in January and are now 5.3% above the levels registered in January 2010. First-time buyers still account for a good portion of sales activity, according to a parallel NAR practitioner survey: 29% of all sales in January, though down from 33% in December and 40% in January 2010 (when the first-time home buyer tax credit was still in place).

The Crash Of Housing Construction

One of the three main indicators economists consider when analyzing the real estate market is new home construction activity. To state the obvious, when there is a demand for properties, it makes economic sense for developers to step in and build new ones. But, as we saw in the recent real estate boom and bust, anyone can get caught in a frenzy and, in this case, build a few homes too many. The result: in 2009, new home construction hit its lowest point in this decade.

Why You Should Ask an Agent BEFORE Marketing Your Home

I was sitting in a hospital waiting room yesterday, having just begun to read “Eat Pray Love” in anticipation of spending a full day in that same chair.  Two women adjacent to me, who were also waiting for their loved ones to be treated, began a conversation.  I continued focus on my reading for another 5 or 10 minutes, until I thought I heard the conversation turn to house selling. Naturally, I stopped reading and started to eavesdrop.

A Year in Foreclosures: Bank-Owned Properties

Despite government efforts to help homeowners keep their homes, the foreclosure crisis continues to ravage towns and neighborhoods throughout the country. During the first quarter of this year, the number of real estate properties that received at least one foreclosure filing increased by 16% compared with the same period in 2009, according to, which tracks foreclosure filings nationwide. (That includes homes at all stages of foreclosure, from receiving a Notice of Default which basically kicks off the process, through auction, to becoming Real Estate Owned, or REO, which means the property has been foreclosed on and purchased by the bank).

Top 10 Cities to Buy vs Rent

"The real estate market continues to trundle along, now that the homebuyers tax credit has expired and with it, the rush to sign a contract and qualify for $8,000 of free money.  On June 22, the National Association of Realtors announced that existing home sales completed in May were down 2.2% compared with April, confirming expectations that the housing recovery will slowed down once the government’s incentives expire. (There was some good news, though: compared with the same period in 2009, sales were up 19.2%.) 

2010 US Home Sales by Month

"Looking back at the housing boom is a painful exercise for many homeowners – particularly those who bought at the peak of the real estate market. Who needs another reminder of what was possibly one of the worst financial decisions they ever made?

The Essential Reverse Mortgage Factsheet

"At MintLife we strive to make complex financial topics easy-to-understand. Most homeowners are already familiar with the concept of a mortgage. A Reverse Mortgage lets you borrow money against the value of your home without your needing to pay it back until either one of two things happen; either you die or you sell the home. With recent government regulations in place, the Reverse Mortgage is a financial instrument set to explode with the wave of retiring baby boomers. These mortgages not only affect the borrower, but their heirs as well, so it’s important to understand the ins and outs of process and product. The Reverse Mortgage can be a lifesaver for some, but is not for everyone. This factsheet will show you how it works."
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