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Buying a home, whether it’s your first time or even you’re a seasoned buyer, is an exciting process. Helping you find a home that compliments your personality, provides respite, and is a place that you look forward to coming back to every day is of paramount importance to me.  Whether it is your first home or your dream home, a sleek urban townhome or a cozy stone cottage, your home should make you happy.  I’ll listen to you, help you to define your criteria and will present the best choices that fit your specific needs and desires.

For most of us, there are financial considerations to purchasing a home as well.  There are a wide range of financing options available to home buyers.  Deciding on financing is a crucial first step in the home search process.  Factors such as whether you already own a home that you’ll need to sell and / or whether you’ll need to finance some of the settlement costs into your mortgage can significantly affect the way your purchase will be structured. Determining a monthly mortgage payment that is most comfortable for you is equally essential.   Knowing these financial aspects of your purchase help me to determine how to be of best help to you.

As we shop for your new home, my goal is to educate you about the micro-market in which you’ll be shopping so that when you do find “the one”, you’ll have a good sense and level of comfort as to what a value is (and isn’t!).  I’ll help you to negotiate the best possible price and terms.

Because our homes are often one of the largest purchases that we make in our lifetimes, you’ll want an agent who is protecting your best interests, has a thorough knowledge of the Pittsburgh market, and the experience to get you the home that you want at the best possible price.  If you’re thinking about buying, please don’t hesitate to contact me to talk further about becoming your “Buyer’s Agent”.  I welcome the opportunity to help make your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible!

You’re attracted to a home for more than its number of rooms and square footage. Let me help you find a home that reflects your individual character.

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