6 to 8 Weeks Prior:

  • Contact movers and get bids.

  • Review your closets and drawers with a critical eye to weeding out. Think about donating or discarding unwanted items.

  • Make travel arrangements for a long-distance move. Put a plan in place for pets and obtain health certificates from your vet for air travel.

  • Order copies of medical records, school records and pet records.

  • Get recommendations for medical professionals in your new community.

  • Contact new schools for enrollment information.

  • Find out about license regulations for pets in your new community.

4 Weeks Prior:

  • Pick up supplies and begin packing boxes.

  • Have rugs cleaned and rolled for moving.

  • Fill out “change of address” cards with your post office.

  • Arrange for banking in your new community.

  • Contact your insurance provider and make arrangements for changes to life, health, home and auto as necessary.

  • Get applications to transfer your car title registration and drivers license.

  • Make plans for discarding flammables, toxic chemicals and other items that the movers will not take.

  • Drain mowers and leaf blowers of gas and oil for the move.

  • Notify family and friends of your address change.

1 Week Prior:

  • Have your utility services terminated or transferred as of the day of closing on your present residence. Don’t forget to cancel internet, cable or satellite service.

  • Have utility services set up at your new home.

  • Cancel subscriptions and home delivery services.

  • Have cash on hand to tip your movers.

  • Pack a box with jewelry and important documents that you will move yourself.



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