Welcome to Pittsburgh!

Are you considering relocating to Pittsburgh?  If you’ve never been here, you might be surprised to find that Pittsburgh has topped a “Most Livable City” list 6 times since 2000. Nationally acclaimed schools, world renowned hospitals and universities, wonderful museums and a variety of performing arts…it’s all here. A booming tech industry has been transforming the city with a younger, highly educated workforce. The Daily Meal recently named Pittsburgh The Hippest City in the state of Pennsylvania.

Even so, a small-town sense of easiness remains.  Pittsburghers are known for being friendly.  If you ask a Pittsburgher for directions, it would not be unusual to receive an offer to take you there personally (i.e. “I’m going that way…why don’t you follow me in your car and I’ll show you…”)  You can expect to know your neighbors here…people respect your privacy but still seem to look out for each other. Additionally, in 2018, National Geographic listed Pittsburgh one of the 30 Best Cities of The United States based on metrics that lead to happiness, such as green spaces, galleries, coffee shops, breweries, music venues and more.

If you’ll be purchasing a home here, you’ll be pleased to know that Pittsburgh remains one of the most stable real estate markets in the country.  A strong, re-vitalized economy, low unemployment, and among the lowest housing prices for a major metropolitan city continue to push the city forward.

Much of Pittsburgh’s housing stock and neighborhoods are older and well-established. In fact, Travel and Leisure said in 2017 that Pittsburgh is one of the best cities for architecture. If you love older homes with character and charm, there is no shortage here within easy commuting distance of the city.  Still, if you prefer newer construction homes, you won’t be disappointed with what Pittsburgh has to offer in the way of opportunities to purchase new or recently built homes.

As a long-distance move brings with it a host of specific issues and potential difficulties, you’ll need a real estate professional that is equipped to guide you through the process and help to make your transition as smooth and pain free as possible.  As a certified relocation expert, please feel free to contact me directly, or to request my services through your own relocation counselor.

Let me be the first to welcome you to Pittsburgh.

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