How Hiring a Pro Stager Helped Me

In preparation for a move to East Hampton, NY, I put my house on the market. Since East Hampton homes are expensive, I was desperate to sell immediately to avoid losing money. After showing the home numerous times, there was not one single offer. When I overcame the initial stage of panic, I searched for a new approach.

A price reduction seemed like the only viable solution after the home sat idle for four months on the market. My realtor, instead, encouraged me to consider a home stager as an interim step to price reduction. I had never heard of the concept, but I was willing to try anything to accelerate the process.

My initial consultation with the professional stager was successful. I used the recommendations he presented and rearranged the furniture. Buyers immediately noticed the difference. A bidding war ensued between two potential buyers, and after a month, the home sold $10,000 higher than my initial asking price.

Without the professional stager, I could not have sold my house this fast. He evaluated the home and took three instrumental steps to help me sell my home quickly. He recommended that I:
1. Accentuate the Positive

My professional stager immediately recognized the large windows in my home. Most of the windows were blocked by antique furniture I had accumulated through the years. The stager recommended moving these items to the basement and allowing the natural light to shine into the home. The difference was instantaneous! After noticing the difference, we did not stop there. We also painted the walls a neutral color and included throw rugs with bold and vibrant colors to create contrast in the room.
2. Eliminate the Negative

The kitchen was a huge design nightmare. My kitchen was virtually devoid of counter and cupboard space. After hearing complaint after complaint from every buyer viewing the home, my professional stager finally recommended storing the small appliances and other clutter on the counter. He also gave some suggestions to create more storage space in the kitchen. The process was inexpensive, simple and effective.
3. Know the Target Market or Buyers

My professional stager helped me recognize how I had been sabotaging the sell. I had the tendency to overshadow the realtor and take charge of the process. Instead, I learned I had to allow professionals to sell my home. My presence impeded the sell.

The stager helped me to understand what it takes to sell a home. After I understood the process, my professional stager finished his work. In a week, my house was professionally staged. The home sold quickly, and I immediately got my return on investment. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend hiring a professional stager.

The above guest post was written by Sam Marquit. Sam is a entrepreneur, home improvement specialist, and part time blogger. Fee free to visit Sam’s blog, and don’t forget to connect with him @fmarquitv.